Industrial Equipments

Supply industrial equipment: electric chain hoist, manual chain hoist, air chain hoist, lathe machine, cutting and beveling machine, balancing machine

  • Hydraulic hose

    Hydraulic hose

    Supply hydraulic hose with any pressure range from low to high pressure, with random hose length, with fitting suitable for per application.

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  • Plating machine

    Plating machine

    Plated rubbing technique is a new development of electroplating, is an important content of surface technology, in some countries in the world, was seen as a new economic category and national levels is essential point to research and extension applications.

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  • Scaffolding equipments

    Scaffolding equipments

    We supply the scaffolding solution and equipment to all projects. ringlock system, octagon lock, octagonlock, cuplock system, kiwilock system, alumium scaffolding, coupler, beam coupler. scaffolding tube,...

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  • Multifunction Power Meter

    Multifunction Power Meter

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  • Thiết Bị Cầm Tay

    Thiết Bị Cầm Tay

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  • Snap-On , Hand Tools , Power Tools , Tools Storage

    Snap-On , Hand Tools , Power Tools , Tools Storage

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  • Climax & Hstool

    Climax & Hstool

    CLIMAX pioneered portable machining technology 50 years ago in 1966. Ever since, we’ve kept our promise to our customers, by delivering the industry’s best tools, technology, training, and service. With over 75 standard products and services, CLIMAX offers one-stop shopping, and we are the only global company that NEVER competes with our customers. From products, consulting, application engineering, custom design, training

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    Climax , H & S tools is the portable tools very famous in the world, it can meet 99% customer requested about pipe cutting tools, auto bore welder, milling machine, beveling machine,....

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  • Climax portable tools

    Climax portable tools

    Introduces about Climax tools : Line boring bar, drilling tools, K mill,....

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  • Flange


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