Leading supply all hydraulic tools and equipment in the world, We are authorizing for Hi-force, Norbar, Climax, Bremer, Endo, Wika, Snapon, Bahco, CDI, Shell, Colfax,...in Vietnam's Market.



    03-03-2018 // 13,275 view(s)

    We have a lot of equipment for rent: hydraulic tools, hydraulic torque wrench, bolte jack, bolt tensioner, flange facer, beveling machine, line boring machine, quick bore, auto welding machine, welder power source,..

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  • Tools for rentals services onsite

    20-06-2021 // 2,128 view(s)

    Please contact to mobile number 0084 (0) 9024 25 111 or email info@dongtaycorp.vn when you have requirement for rent a tools such as: hydraulic cylinder, bolte jack, toe jack, hydraulic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, bolt tensioner, bolt tensioner for wind power plant, cutting and beveling machine, flange facing, milling machine, line boring machine,...

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  • Hydraulic system maintenance, repair damaged Coal Chamber

    28-11-2016 // 8,249 view(s)

    Hydraulic system maintenance, repair damaged Coal Chamber

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  • Bolting onsite services

    10-10-2020 // 1,254 view(s)

    Bolting onsite services , for rent Cờ lê thủy lực, Bộ siết ốc thủy lực, Bộ siết bulong thủy lực , hydraulic torque wrenches ,...

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