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  • Distributor of LSC

    16-02-2016 // 7,876 view(s)

    For The New Year 2016, Dong Tay Investment (DTI) is appointed by Total Lubrication Management (TLM) as Sales and Service in Vietnam.

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  • Hydraulic system maintenance, repair damaged Coal Chamber

    28-11-2016 // 6,343 view(s)

    Hydraulic system maintenance, repair damaged Coal Chamber

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  • Jods in HCM

    11-04-2016 // 3,620 view(s)

    Jods in HCM

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  • How to use bolt tensioners

    02-04-2020 // 1,193 view(s)

    Hi-Force hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed to directly stretch the bolt by applying a known load to the fastener using a hydraulic cylinder and threaded puller. The securing nut is then rotated using a short tommy bar, whilst the thread is being stretched, until it is firmly tightened against the joint face. Immediately the hydraulic pressure (load) is released the bolt tension (residual load) is retained, within the clamp length of the bolt, because it is prevented from returning to its original length by the tightened nut.

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