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  • How to use bolt tensioners

    02-04-2020 // 1,193 view(s)

    Hi-Force hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed to directly stretch the bolt by applying a known load to the fastener using a hydraulic cylinder and threaded puller. The securing nut is then rotated using a short tommy bar, whilst the thread is being stretched, until it is firmly tightened against the joint face. Immediately the hydraulic pressure (load) is released the bolt tension (residual load) is retained, within the clamp length of the bolt, because it is prevented from returning to its original length by the tightened nut.

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  • 11 Years from founding date

    23-05-2020 // 1,485 view(s)

    Dong Tay Trading and Investment Corporation ( Brand name: Dong Tay Investment) Founding on 23/05/2009

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  • Distributor of LSC

    16-02-2016 // 7,877 view(s)

    For The New Year 2016, Dong Tay Investment (DTI) is appointed by Total Lubrication Management (TLM) as Sales and Service in Vietnam.

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  • Ha Noi Capital Office

    12-06-2016 // 6,212 view(s)

    For take care of customers better, We have established Branch of Company in Hanoi. We are an authorized representative to provide products: hydraulic jack, hydraulic tools and equipment and service repair of Hi-force (UK), Reliability service for LSC, oil mist for petrochemical pumps, .. air chain hoist from Japan, ball valves, control valves from Italy.

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  • Portable machining Climax hstool

    09-03-2017 // 5,202 view(s)

    CLIMAX pioneered portable machining technology 50 years ago in 1966. Ever since, we’ve kept our promise to our customers, by delivering the industry’s best tools, technology, training, and service. With over 75 standard products and services, CLIMAX offers one-stop shopping, and we are the only global company that NEVER competes with our customers. From products, consulting, application engineering, custom design, training

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  • Norbar's distributor in Vietnam

    02-07-2020 // 823 view(s)

    Beginning in 2020, Dong Tay Investment (DTI) is appointed by Norbar (UK) as Sales and Service in Vietnam, based on which: Dong Tay Investment is the only representative in Vietnam, authorized to distribute equipment and calibrate torque wrenches provided by Norbar (UK).

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  • Authorized Dealer , Service , Sales Engineer

    05-01-2017 // 4,344 view(s)

    Authorized Dealer , Service , Sales Engineer

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