Leading supply all hydraulic tools and equipment in the world, We are authorizing for Hi-force, Norbar, Climax, Bremer, Endo, Wika, Snapon, Bahco, CDI, Shell, Colfax,...in Vietnam's Market.


  • The equipment used in installing wind turbines industrial

    11-05-2021 // 3,430 view(s)

    We offer Hi-force’s highly specialized tools and equipment to enhance operator safety during vehicle and infrastructure maintenance and repair. Hi-force wind turbine tools service a wide range of tasks, including tightening, loosening, tensioning, aligning, clamping, gear lifting and pressing parts, pulling large wheels, bearing pushing, and pulling, lifting and oil mist system for motor, bearing. (Hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic bolt tensioning for Anchor Bolt (or Foundation Bolt); for Blade puller , manual torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, multiplier torque, oil mist generator, flange speeder, nut splitter, hydraulic cylinder, and jack, hand tools Snapon, Bahco, Norbar… Flange facing onsite for wind tower flange from Climax (USA) – CM6200, CM7200 it is the best way to use.

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  • Hydraulic torque wrenches and manual torque wrenches for rent

    05-05-2022 // 997 view(s)

    Hydraulic torque wrenches for rent, manual torque wrench click type, impact torque wrenches for rent, test torque wrenches for rent, Calibration equipment for manual and hydraulic torque wrenches for rent....

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  • Introduction Dong Tay Investment

    13-05-2019 // 3,546 view(s)

    Dong Tay Investment - We have 04 office and workshop repair after sale in Ho CHi Minh City, Quang Ngai City, Hai Phong City, Ha Noi Capital: The proffessional company”s supply Hydraulic equipment, Service after sales, Pre loading jack, Screw jack, cylinder, jack, pipeline system, scaffolding system, machinery, Line boring machine, milling machine, flanges facer, clampseft, ... Supply solution in Oil refinery, Oil and gas industrial, construction, shipbuilding, stell mill, paper mill, , cement plan, Mining,...Investing and prossecing the Lap room for calibrate manual torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, load test cylinder and jack... Equipments import from Norbar - UK; Load cell from Switzerland.

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  • How to use bolt tensioners

    02-04-2020 // 4,735 view(s)

    Hi-Force hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed to directly stretch the bolt by applying a known load to the fastener using a hydraulic cylinder and threaded puller. The securing nut is then rotated using a short tommy bar, whilst the thread is being stretched, until it is firmly tightened against the joint face. Immediately the hydraulic pressure (load) is released the bolt tension (residual load) is retained, within the clamp length of the bolt, because it is prevented from returning to its original length by the tightened nut.

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